A new start.. in April?

I feel as if I have had quite a strange start to the year.. Nothing noteworthy, it has just… been going along? I’m not sure I quite like it, although I can’t pinpoint what exactly the problem is either. Strange thing that.

afterlightimage-3 It’s almost 12am on a Tuesday, the 9th of April, which makes no sense in terms of it being a time for a new beginning, but so what? I have decided to go for it, right now. Who cares if it’s not a Monday, or the beginning of a new month, or even a time of day when I probably shouldn’t be awake? I just want a fresh new start!afterlightimage-4

It may sound silly, but I do like the idea of ‘resetting’ your life a few times per year. It’s so easy to get lost in the mundane little details of every day life and never really question anything or think more of it, instead just ending up going through the motions each day.

Tonight (or perhaps tomorrow afternoon), I am going to sit down and look over my goals for the month and for the year, plan in exciting holidays and events. I’m going to review my financial plan, set my savings and business goals for the years, and make a detailed revision schedule. I want to be a together person and always be mindful of what I’m working towards.

I know I can make 2019 the best year for myself, both personally and professionally. If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that it’s all about that balance. (Not too much balance though, too much balance only breeds mediocrity.. but more about that in another post.)

A few things on my goal list for the next few months:

  • Start meditating
  • Do yoga at home 3 times a week
  • Work out at least 3 times a week
  • Set up an efficient morning routine
  • Train my body to adhere to a sleeping schedule
  • Focus on studying, place that as a high priority
  • Save, save and save
  • Allow myself to just be HAPPY

Universitet och funderingar

Hej! Idag har jag faktiskt en universitets dag, vilket känns rätt så konstigt efter över en månads paus + heltids jobb under tiden. Jag jobbar ju fortfarande rätt mycket vilket gör att det känns som om jag bara låtsas vara en studerande och inte jämt har så bra koll, vilket självklart är väldigt dåligt, men försöker verkligen ta tag i det denna terminen!

Sitter och fungerar på vad jag ska göra utav denna bloggen.. Det känns så onaturligt att blogga på engelska, och inget kommer fram, därav att jag inte bloggat alls på hur länge som helst. Men sen så når man inte lika många människor på svenska heller så där möter jag ett dilemma. Sen vet jag inte riktigt heller vad jag vill få fram utav detta, annat än att ha en plats att prata om mina intressen och få ett kreativt utsläpp!

Annars ska jag ju faktiskt till Stockholm över helgen imorgon för att hänga med en vän och mysa. Har inte haft en helt ledig helg (knappt en dag heller för den delen) sen sista helgen i November/första helgen i December då jag var i New York, så det kommer bli väldigt skönt att komma iväg lite. Har så lätt att gräva ner mig i jobb och plugg, eller bara sköta en massa små ärenden eller gymma om inget annat. Har så svårt att känna som om jag “förtjänar” slapp-tid, utan då känner jag mig istället lat som inte gör något och chillar “jämt”.. Någon annan som är så?

Jaja, nu ska jag återgå till juridik! Hörs senare!


For me it’s very important to be surrounded by things that inspire and motivate me. Recently I have found that I get a lot of motivation and energy from the people surrounding me, something I perhaps never realised due to not always chosing the best people to spend time with in terms of how they empowered me.

Isn’t it just amazing when you can sit down with a friend and share your life goals and encourage each other to get there even through the difficult times? For me it’s absolute gold and I am so greatful to have such inspiring people in my life.

Always surround yourself with go-getters and positive energy, especially people who currently are where you want to be in life.

After an amazingly inspirational day, it is now time for me to get some rest. Goodnight!

Manhattan Home Office Views

Hello! Today I’ve been at the gym in the morning and even managed to study for a bit which is great.. I think my dad’s home office view was quite motivational in terms of me wanting to sit down and get some work done.

I think I’m ready for a break now though, so I am going to get ready and head towards Herald Square for a little walk and some fresh air.

I’m also debating on whether to take another workout class tomorrow morning or make do with the gym next-door… I’ve really been enjoying being productive while away, I think the jetlag and waking up so early has actually beend good for me. Going to attempt to keep waking up at 6am when I’m back in London too!

Anyway, time to head out and explore the City some more!

Welcome to my new blog and the importance of goals

For years, actually close to 10 years now, I have wanted to start a blog. At times I have even attempted to and never stuck to it, but hopefully the seventh time’s a charm! I want this blog to be a platform for my creative side that I rarely get to exercise in my work or studies.

Something I would also like to focus on writing about is the importance of setting goals and how to achieve them. I like to have small daily and weekly goals, as well as bigger yearly and long-term goals.

Some examples of some short-term goals I have are:

  • Go to the gym 3 times per week
  • Put away x amount of pounds every week into an ISA
  • Write one blogpost every week
  • Do all reading for tutorials


Examples of long-term goals:

  • Save x amount of money for my dream car by May 2019
  • Graduate university with a 1:1
  • Be able to run 5km in 25 minutes
  • Travel to one new country this year


I have made yearly goal documents for 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well as lists with weekly goals (or habits) I want to enforce within myself to be able to continuously develop myself as a person. Weekly or bi-weekly I open those documents to make sure I am still keeping my goals in mind. For me it’s extremely important to be a high achiever and because of that I constantly need ways to remind me of the path I want to be on.


Hope you guys are in a good place in life and enjoying the new start that fall-time brings us! I will also keep you updated on the progress of my goals hehe..