Bank holiday Monday

..and it’s business as usual! For some reason I actually really started loving bank holidays this year.. Maybe it’s because I get paid double at work, or that the roads are extremely empty, or that parking is free in the whole city.. Whatever it is, I love it!

c3f31864-f12c-403e-be27-b2ab0bd54944 That does not mean that I’m having a relaxing day out like most Londoners, I’m actually sitting inside a Skype pod at the King’s Waterloo campus library. My essay deadlines are next week, so there is no rest to be seen in my future until then!

img_4720I am actually extremely excited to get these essays out of the way so I can focus on enjoying Ramadan, the summer weather and finish spring cleaning my house before I start preparing for exams.

For once, I am looking forward to summer a lot! It will be very hectic, but I also have loads of fun things coming up.. Despite my current levels of stress, I am genuinely very grateful for how good life is at the moment. Everything happens for a reason, however cliché that sounds.



Now I need to get back to my Trusts Essay so I can go home in a bit over half an hour, need to call it quits after half a day at the library today since I have a dinner to go to tonight (first night of Ramadan, very excited!) and I want to swing by some shops on my way home to see if I can find a last-minute outfit option. Realised how tired I am of constantly wearing the same exact things.. Wish me luck!!!

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